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Shipping Disclaimers

We are not responsible for any shipping carrier delays or damages.

Freight Shipments

As your shipment is being transported via freight truck, you need to be aware of your rights and responsibilities as the end recipient. All shipments are FOB Origin and become YOUR property upon departure from our warehouse where you are responsible for any losses that may occur during transit. Please be fully aware that your signature on the BOL or Freight Bill from the delivering carrier constitutes acceptance of the merchandise AS IS and in GOOD ORDER.

  • On arrival, inspect the shipment immediately for any obvious signs of damage or discrepancies: Any shortages,damages, and discrepanciesmust be documented on the BOL or Freight Bill. Should you determine that any items are damaged, have a discrepancy, or are missing, you MUSTNOTE the item, the damage, or discrepancy and the condition before signing the BOL or Freight Bill! Beyond obvious damage, such as no wrapping around the merchandise or areas of the pallet that may have been punctured through with a forklift fork, you should look for any missing pallet runners, whether there is any banding holding the pallet together, any ripped saran wrap or cardboard, any substances spilled on the shipment, etc.
  • You should open all cartons and containers: If there is ANY doubt that the merchandise is damaged (concealed or not) it MUST be noted on the BOL or Freight Bill or the obligation to prove that the delivering carrier did the damage becomes your responsibility. If you do not have time to inspect the cartons or containers, even if damage is not obvious to the outside of the package, YOU SHOULD WRITE ON THE BOL OR FREIGHT BILL: "SUBJECT TO INSPECTION".
  • Do NOT be intimidated by the driver: The driver cannot leave until the BOL or Freight Bill is signed (irrespective of how much in a hurry the driver is in or how late the driver is). The carrier's driver should help you receive your shipment and answer your questions. While your driver is there, compare the pieces of freight you are receiving to your carrier's freight bill. When you have determined that the condition and quantity of your freight is acceptable, you can then sign the BOL or Freight Bill which serves as the delivery receipt. The driver will provide you with a copy of the BOL or Freight Bill where the driver will keep the signed copy as a delivery receipt. If a copy of the BOL or Freight Bill is not provided to you, request one as it is your right to receive one. The BOL or Freight Bill is the only documentation of the condition of a shipment when it arrives at your location and without this document, we cannot hold others accountable for items damaged or missing.

Why Choose Us

Our lumber is carefully handled and crafted through all our processes, all the way up until it gets to you. All of our wood items are one of a kind with a first come first serve sales strategy. We do all we can to make sure our descriptions and photos portray the piece of wood as honestly as possible.

Our Mission

Here at Arbor Upcycle our mission is to provide the most unique one of a kind wood cuts in the wood industry. Our excellent attention to detail and artistic eye helps us select the best live edge wood slabs. Each wood piece is hand selected, accurately described, and priced individually ready for you to purchase.

What Is Upcycling

Upcycling is the creative reuse of waste materials, transforming unwanted industry by-products into new and improved materials of equal or better quality. As a philosophy and a movement, upcycling in San Francisco means carbon sequestration for our environment, historical salvage of San Francisco’s past, and a unique local lumber resource for our community.

Whatever your Live Edge slab needs may be, you can trust Arbor Upcycle to take care of you. We won’t be satisfied until we have provided you with exactly what you want. Our staff will be diligent in making sure that the vision you have for your piece comes to life. With strict quality assurance procedures, we guarantee you will love the Live Edge slabs you buy from Arbor Upcycle.

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Where Does Our Wood Come From?

Our sister company Arborist Now is a full service Arborist company serving the San Francisco Bay area and they harvest and recycle as much wood that is possible. As a company we believe in recycling and reusing the trees we remove; taking the waste and creating something unique and purposeful.

Can’t Find that perfect wood slab?

We have thousands of slabs not listed yet. Contact us with your size, thickness, and specie request. We will search our inventory to find you something awesome.